preserved flower

The preserved flower market is growing in the emerging economies of the world. They are preferred by ecologically conscious consumers, especially as a gift or for decoration purposes. They are not only attractive, but also require little maintenance. They do not need water or sunlight. They are safe and non-toxic. Find us:

A preserved flower is a flower that has been dried and preserved. It can be made of natural resin, vinyl acetate resin, wax or monohydric or dihydric alcohol. It can be colored to provide a more vibrant look. It can be used to create a dried floral arrangement for a wedding, office decor or posy.

The process of making preserved flowers is quite technical. Several factors must be considered to make them successful. The first step is to select the right flowers. Then, the flowers are soaked in a dehydrating solution. Next, the flowers are rehydrated in a solution of organic compounds. They may also include a surfactant or anti-foaming agent. The solution may contain siloxane, tetramethoxysilane or ethyldichlorosilane.

Creating Unique Jewelry With Dried Botanicals

The flowers are then pressed into a book. They are then left for two to four weeks. This allows the petals to absorb natural oils. Afterwards, they are sprayed with hairspray to prevent them from crumbling.

If the flowers are not damaged during the drying and preservation process, they can last for years. The process is non-toxic, and it is safe for those with allergies. The flower’s texture and color is similar to that of fresh flowers.

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