So, you’ve settled on the idea of launching your own company. Excellent! Having a plan of action and the confidence to implement it is a significant step toward success. The subsequent procedures, however, may be enough to thwart the implementation of even the most brilliant ideas. I need to register my business, but I don’t know what I need. How do you manage to do that? To where do you go?

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Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

Can I Register My Own Business Online?

The Australian government provides a service called Business Registration Service via which entrepreneurs can register their company names. With BRS, business owners only need to fill out one application to register their company and pay their taxes. When you use ASIC Connect, you may also register a company name online with ASIC.

Obtain an ABN (Australian Business Number) if you’re starting a new business (ABN). You can register for a business name and taxes at the same time as obtaining an ABN, and the process is completely free of charge. 

It’s not hard to get your company registered. In all likelihood, you can handle this on your own. There are many advantages when it comes to registering your business online as well. After obtaining an ABN, the next step is to register a trading name. This is the name under which you are authorized to conduct business.

The Process Of Obtaining An ABN

Getting an ABN can be done in a couple of easy ways. You can register your business name (sole traders, partnerships, and company names) with the Australian Government Business Registration Service or apply directly through the Australian Business Register (where the business functions as a complete legal entity separate from the owners and operators).

Make sure you have all the prerequisites before beginning your application. Depending on the type of business structure you choose, you may or may not need the following:

When your application for an ABN is denied, you will be refunded in full.

Achieving An ABN

Every business in Australia needs an ABN or Australian Business Number. This is the number you’ll need for filing taxes, registering your company with the government, and verifying your legal permission to conduct business.

If you, as an individual or a business, plan to offer goods or services for profit, you will need to register for an ABN. If you’re doing business on the Christmas or Cocos Islands, or if you’re joining an existing venture in which all the other partners already have an ABN, you don’t need to apply for your own.

An ABN might be compared to a “business driver’s license.” If you’re planning on:

It’s simple to apply for an ABN. One is available for free online registration. There is no paperwork involved, and the entire process takes no more than ten minutes. You can also register your business name in advance if you have decided on it.

You need to decide on your business structure before applying for an ABN. In general, you may divide them up into four categories:

you are solely responsible for all managerial and operational decisions in the company. All risks and repercussions are your own as well.

possibly a public limited company, although it could also be a private one. The company is treated as its legal entity, which keeps the owners and founders from having to take responsibility for what the company does.

an arrangement in which two or more people work together to manage a business. Each partner is responsible for their share of the earnings and losses. The type of partnership will determine what each partner does to help the whole.

a business in which one or more people act as agents for the owner. In this scenario, the trustee will be in charge of all operational decisions for the company. A corporation that acts as a trustee for another entity can do so in its corporate capacity.

Can I Use The Same ABN For Multiple Business Names?

Your ABN can be linked to an unlimited number of different trading names. However, having several different company names will increase the amount of paperwork you have to manage.

If you are establishing a new business name but wish to preserve the same ABN, you may cancel your old name registration at no cost.

For tax purposes, an ABN can be used for more than one firm if you are a sole trader.

Companies can operate many subsidiaries under a single ABN. For instance, Other Corp. can use the same ABN for both the sale of farm-fresh vegetables to local retailers and the creation of business software. While technically feasible, there may be administrative consequences down the road. Think about splitting up your operations into multiple companies.

You must apply for a new ABN if your businesses have distinct legal forms. If the proprietor of your neighbourhood store also plans to open a wrestling academy, for instance, they should register both businesses under different ABNs.

Even if you register your company’s name, someone else may use it. You should think about registering a trademark for your company name to ensure no one else can use it without permission. However, not everyone should trademark their identity. Which option you go with depends on your specific niche, company profile, and consumer base. You can apply to IP Australia’s website if you’re interested.

Tax File Number Application (TFN)

Individuals TFN

Australian taxpayers must obtain Tax File Numbers. This Australian Tax Office document tracks tax payments. You shouldn’t give out your 11-digit TFN, which is unique to you. The ATO classifies TFN applications by person and location. Apply on the ATO website. Categories include:

Freelancers and solo traders use their TFN for business.

Business TFN

Your business can apply for a TFN with its ABN or individually on the Business Register webpage. Running a business requires these fundamentals. Self-managing the process is complex and overwhelming.


Starting a business is a challenging endeavour. In the same way that registering your business would help you stay out of trouble with the law, it also guarantees that customers will view your company as trustworthy. fosters confidence in the company’s ability to deliver for its customers, suppliers, and employees. enables you to advertise your company or product to a global audience.

Register your business now with the company online. Enjoy our simple, quick, and trusted service today!

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